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In these times of austerity and tightening our belts, splashing out on expensive new furniture and furnishings for the home quite often has to take a backseat. Sometimes though, brightening up or refreshing parts our homes interior is just the tonic needed to bring a smile and makes us feel good. This is where “doing it on a budget” is the best option.

For relatively little money, the addition of some affordable made to measure blinds will not only transform the look of the windows but also the whole feel of a room’s décor. Whether you choose a plain or a patterned design, the injection of some new colour or a new design can have quite a dramatic and refreshing effect.

Some of our more affordable made to measure window blinds include roller blinds, wooden blinds and venetian blinds.

Our made to measure roller blinds are a great choice if you want a large choice of colours and designs. They allow you to either bring a soothing and relaxing look to the windows or really create a statement within a room with a bold colour or pattern. Their clean and elegant lines make them a truly timeless choice for any home whether traditional or contemporary.

For a natural look with added light and privacy control, our made to measure wooden blinds are a fabulous choice. With dozens of wood colours at affordable online prices to choose from including oak, maple, pine, beech, walnut, chestnut and elm, there is a wood to compliment any style of interior. We also have black wood for a striking and dramatic look and white wooden blinds for wonderfully fresh and timeless colonial look.

If you prefer a more modern and contemporary look at the windows then our discount made to measure venetian blinds are a fabulous choice. With hundreds of colours available in elegant 25mm wide slats or louvers, bringing style and a clean new look to any room’s décor is extremely easy.

So maybe repainting a room and adding some affordable window blinds really could be the one of most cost effective ways to transform the look and feel of the décor and create a real feel good factor in your home.

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