Blinds for Bay Windows

If your home has some beautiful bay windows and you are trying to decide on which type of blinds will look best in your home there are a few considerations to take into account. There is obviously the colour scheme of your room and whether you want to coordinate or contrast. The main considerations for dressing your bay windows are firstly deciding on the style of blinds that will best suit your decor. Secondly there are the practical implications in terms of whether there will be large light gaps where they meet at the mullions, which are the vertical members of the bay window, usually made from wood, UPVC, stone or aluminium between the lights or glass of the bay window.

For more information on the "gaps" where the blinds meet in the corners of a bay window and the deductions required for the different types of blinds, to ensure the smallest gaps possible, read our guide on how to measure blinds for a bay window. If your home has beautiful wide mullioned bay windows then this may be less of a consideration. It is really only an issue where the mullions are not very wide. Most types of blinds will work very well in a bay or bow window, it just depends on the look you are trying to achieve and also how "light tight" you require the window treatment to be. This may be less of a concern if you are not overlooked or you are installing the blinds behind some curtains or drapes.

For a very stylish, clean and crisp look roller blinds are an excellent choice. Just bear in mind that where the roller blinds but up to each other there will be a gap between the two fabrics due to the control end sets that allow you to roll the blinds up an out of the way for an unimpeded view from the bay window. For a very opulent, sumptuous and real look of luxury roman blinds are hard to beat. Available in a wide range of fabulous contemporary fabrics, with blackout lining as an option for greater light control. Again there will be a relatively small gap where the two blinds meet due to the fact that there has to be a small operating clearance and because roman blinds ruche up as they are raised.

If you prefer to bring the beauty of nature to the bay windows of your home some wooden blinds are the ideal choice. If measured using our measuring guide they should nearly touch each other when open offering practically no gap where the blinds meet in the bay window. Just bear in mind when they are closed the gap will be slightly larger. The same also applies to aluminium venetian blinds. Another option for bay windows that offers excellent light and privacy control are vertical blinds, but the gap where they meet can be slightly larger than other types of blinds, which is something you may have to bear in mind. So if you are looking to buy blinds online or maybe just some bay window blinds ideas then enjoy browsing the fabulous collections of fabrics and woods on our website. Don't forget to order your free samples using our 247 online ordering service to see just how wonderful some quality made to measure blinds will up at the bay windows of your home.

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